Deputy Database Administrator Sought

The East Kingdom Minister of the Lists is now seeking applications for the position of Deputy Database Administrator for the East Kingdom Minister of Lists. This volunteer position involves learning to maintain and update the heavy combat and fencing databases for the East Kingdom so that eventually you may take over the position of Database … Read more

MOL News and Pennsic Deadline

IMPORTANT REMINDERS! There is a newly updated Minister of Lists website to be found at You will find updated forms and MoL news. Please use this website to your advantage. All MoL’s are required to file an event report with this office after every event. You may use the event report form found on … Read more

How to Become an MoL

From the MoL Handbook:

  1. An MOL-at-Large is defined as any MOL who is on the Kingdom roster of MOL’s, but who does not hold the office of Minister of Lists for any local group or Region.

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Suggested Tourney Trees

By Richard the Poor of Ely

This is an attempt at determining the optimal structure for a tourney given the number of entrants. “Optimizing” for these purposes includes several objectives:

  • Minimize the number of byes in the tourney.
  • Get rid of all byes as early as possible.
  • Avoid an excessively long tournament.
  • Avoid very short tournaments.
  • Avoid having an entrant participate in consecutive bouts.

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