Fall Crown Tournament AS 56- What Are We Actually Looking At?

Crown Tournament in the Autumn of AS 56 (i.e. November 2021) was run a bit different than our traditional Double Elimination Tree. Since you’ve asked, here’s the play-by-play of what happened. THE TOURNAMENT: Challenge-in Double Elimination Destructive buys to the final 8, non-destructive thereafter Semi-finals are best 2/3 where the finalist from the winner’s list … Read more

What Form do I Use?

We’ve received quite a lot of paperwork using incorrect forms. While we’re still able to process these, the processing time is significantly longer, particularly on additional weapons forms. So, to help, here’s a breakdown of which form to use. Using the correct forms helps The Ministry get our database updated and your authorization cards to … Read more

Deadline for *Physical* Authorization Cards before Pennsic

Please take note, if you would like to receive a physical Authorization card for Pennsic, your *completed* paperwork must be received by July 5, 2019. Before sending your paperwork, please be sure the following is completed: Full legal name Date of Birth Email (if you’d like notification of your card being processed) Previous card number … Read more