Authorization Processing Time

Please be advised: authorization processing time is currently 4-6 weeks from the date of submission.

1. The Ministry is currently processing authorizations from mid-late May. If you submitted your authorization prior to that and have not received an email from us, first, check your spam, then contact the EK Minister of lists .
2. Authorizations received prior to June 26, 2022 will be processed prior to Pennsic.
3. For authorizations received on June 26th or later, The Ministry will try our best to process prior to Pennsic, but no guarantee can be made, due to the volume of authorizations that are currently being processed.
4. We cannot guarantee that you will *receive* your authorization card prior to Pennsic due to postal service delays, but you *will* be on the database if your authorization is processed.
5. All processed authorizations (including additional weapons forms) will receive an email confirming they have been processed.
6. Authorizations may occur at Pennsic. More information here: