King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships, A.S. 50

King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships
October 10, 2015 (A.S. XLIX)
Barony of Smoking Rocks
Marshal in Charge: Don Antonio Patrasso
Staged Tournament (66 combatants)
Overall Winners: Master Donovan Shinnock (King’s Rapier Champion) and Lord Llewellyn Walsh (Queen’s Rapier Champion)
Other Winner: Don Thomas of Effingham (Cloak of Perseverance)

The format for the tournamet as transcribed below:
The tournament will consist of three parts – the round robin, the sweet sixteen, and the finals.

Part One – Round Robin: The top fighters in each pool (number dependent on how many pools we have) will be selected to advance to the sweet sixteen. Matches will consist of a single bout, with weapon forms of the combatants’ choosing.

Part Two – Sweet Sixteen: This will be a double elimination tree. Matches will consist of a single bout, with weapon forms of the combatants’ choosing.

Part Three – Semi-Finals and Finals: At the semi-finals, all previous losses will be forgiven — a combatant need win only once to advance to the finals. The finals will be decided as a best of five bouts, with matched weapon forms. Weapons forms will be alternating choice, with 1st choice decided by coin flip. Weapons forms may not repeat until the 5th fight (if necessary).

Other tournament-wide conventions: Double kills will be refought until a victor has been determined. Fencers approaching or crossing a list boundary during a bout will not be recentered. If a hold is called because a fencer has reached or crossed a boundary, the match will resume with the fencer on the boundary. Finally, the marshals note that Two Handed Sword is now a separate authorization form. Every effort will be made to have authorizing marshals available prior to the tournament. There are no additional restrictions on the use of two-handed swords.

66 Combatants were separated into 8 pools according to their achievements with the blade (OGRs were divided evenly among the pools) and home (Each pool contained combatants from the several regions to ensure everyone got to fight some new folks), with the results as follows:

Part One:

List One:
Don Quintin Brilliant (8-0)
Don Lucien de Wyntere (7-1)
Griffith Davion (5-3)
Jacob Fisher (4-4)
Brendan Firebow (4-4)
Scrooby (3-5)
Engracia de Madrigal (2-6)
Laidan Ingen Chineada (2-6)
Rhiannon the CUrious (1-7)

List Two:
Baron Owyn Greenwood (7-0)
Lord Llewellyn Walsh (5-2)
Urraka al-tha’labiyya (4-3)
Don Lottieri Malocchio de Firenze (3-4)
Doña Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka (3-4)
Captain Jean de la Montagne (2-5)
Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell (2-5)
Lord Eldrich Gaiman (2-5)

List Three:
Allerick Van Den Broeck (7-0)
Doña Lilias de Cheryngton (6-1)
Master Thomas de Castellan (5-2)
Lord Ciaran Maetire (3-4)
Captain Lorenzo Gorla (3-4)
Master Christian Wolfe of Edinburgh (2-5)
Lord Agapios Cargos (1-6)
Lord James O’Galleghure of Tyr Connal (1-6)

List Four:
Don Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne (7-0)
Pan Mikulaj von Meissen (5-2)
Andre L’Epervier (4-3)
Doña Anastasia de Monte (4-3)
Lord Robert of Anglespur (4-3)
Lord Berrick Grayveson (3-4)
Lord Corwin Blackthorn (1-6)
Lady Catalina de Valencia (0-7)

List Five:
Master Caine Ramsey (7-0)
Don Orlando Sforza (6-1)
Lord Robert Earlson (5-2)
Lord Xavier the Sinister (4-3)
Master Grimm the Skald (3-4)
Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia (2-5)
Lady Elewys of Anglespur (1-6)
Baroness Wentlyana Bengrek (0-7)

List Six:
Don Thomas of Effingham (7-1)
Don Nathaniel Wyatt (6-2)
Duke Edward Grey of Lochleven (6-2)
Master Malcolm Bowman (3-5)
Lord Jean Michel LeVode (5-3)
Lord Lupold Hass von Zurich (5-3)
Lord Declan Gobha (3-5)
Marielle D’Arya (1-7)
Lady Magdalena von Kirschberg (0-8)

List Seven:
Don Melchior Kriebel (7-0)
Gabriel Roberts (6-2)
Countess Marguerite ingen Lachlainn (5-2)
Mistress Isabel Chamberlaine (4-3)
Baron Rónán Meablach (2-5)
Lord Christoffel d’Allaines-sur-Comte (2-5)
Lady Anne de Basillon (1-6)
Master Alesone Gray of Cranleigh (1-6)

List Eight:
Donovan Shinnock (6-1)
Don Devillin MacPherson (6-1)
Don Thomas delbroc (5-2)
Therion Sean Storie (4-3)
Lord Teofio Cole Amici (3-4)
Eon (1-6)
Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir (1-6)
Lady Caitrina Fraser (1-6)

Part Two:

The top two combatants from each List moved forward to the Sweet Sixteen with the following as their initial bouts:
Don Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne and Don Orland Sforza
Doña Lilias de Cheryngton and Don Thomas of Effingham
Don Melchior Kriebel and Lord Llewellyn Walsh
Baron Owyn Greenwood and Gabriel Roberts
Don Nathaniel Wyatt and Allerick Van Den Broeck
Donovan and Don Lucien de Wyntere
Master Caine Ramsey and Pan Mikulaj von Meissen
Don Quintin Brilliant and Don Devillin MacPherson

Part Three:

Don Quintin and Allerick faced off in the Semi-Finals with Allerick as the victor.
Master Donovan and Baron Owynn faced off in the Semi-Finals with Donovan as the victor.
Master Donovan defeated Allerick in the final round to claim the title of King’s Rapier Champion for himself.