Spring Crown ‘Thank You’s

I survived my first Crown Tourney as East Kingdom Minister of Lists with my wits intact largely due to the efforts of several awesome people who pulled together, all in the same direction, to run this tournament. We had 35 combatants (which, for those of you unfamiliar with tournament theory, is a truly awkward number) and we managed to get through it all well before the sun went down!

At the table diligently keeping track all throughout the tourney were four stalwarts, Mistress Anastasia Guta, Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey, THL Andrieko Eferiev, and Lady Olivia Baker. The four of you made a superb team and I am grateful for your skill, experience, and cheerful, cooperative attitudes.

The Settmour Swamp List Minister, Lady Lu An-Hua, and her deputy Jocelyn Wulf Le Queynte, as well as the event steward Master Galefridus were such excellent hosts! We had all that we could ask for. Every time we needed something, there it was. Thank you.

All around the field the fantastic heralds and list-runners managed by Mistress Suba Al-Hadid kept the lists informed and got us the fight results in a timely manner. Lady Rosina juggled the tourney shields and kept all of the tourney trees updated. In addition, Mistress Suba and Master Rowen got us all organized ahead of the tourney and built and laminated the card deck for tracking the fighters. This was such a great help.

Duke Kenric, as Marshal-in-Charge, was a huge help both in sorting out the tourney tree and how the tournament would be run ahead of time, and also as an excellent collaborator on the day. I know he had a lot of other responsibilities in addition to helping with what we needed at the MoL table and I am grateful for all his assistance.

Lastly and most of all I am grateful to all of the combatants and consorts. Every single one of you (and I think I spoke to you all at least once or twice) interacted with the list table with courtesy, waiting patiently with your questions when we were busy, and taking the news with grace if you were told the answer to your question wasn’t here, but elsewhere. You all were great and fun to work with.

Congratulations to our new Prince and Princess, Ivan and Mathilde!! It was an honor to serve on your wonderful day, and I’m looking forward to when we do this again to choose your heirs!

~Mylisant Grey, East Kingdom Minister of Lists