King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships, A.S. 50

King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships October 10, 2015 (A.S. XLIX) Barony of Smoking Rocks Marshal in Charge: Don Antonio Patrasso Staged Tournament (66 combatants) Overall Winners: Master Donovan Shinnock (King’s Rapier Champion) and Lord Llewellyn Walsh (Queen’s Rapier Champion) Other Winner: Don Thomas of Effingham (Cloak of Perseverance) The format for the tournamet as transcribed … Read more

Baronial Investiture Anniversary and Rapier Championship, A.S. 50

Baronial Investiture Anniversary and Rapier Championship February 27, 2016 (A.S. L) la Baronnie de l’Île du Dragon Dormant Marshal in Charge: Mistress Borujin Acilaldai Round Robin Tournament (5 combatants) Winner: Lord Olan Blackhand (Baronial Champion) On this, the eleventh anniversary of the investiture of their predecessors, Their Excellencies du Dragon Dormant held a tournament to name their Rapier … Read more

Wars of the Roses XXXVI, A.S. 50

Wars of the Roses XXXVI May 22-25, 2015 (A.S. L) Barony of Concordia of the Snows Rattan Marshal in Charge: Sir Koga Yoshitsune Rapier Marshal in Charge: Don Caine Ramsey Claude the Frank Tournament Double Elimination Rattan Tournament (20 combatants) Overall Winner: Duke Edward Grey of Lochleven Tournament of Roses Double Elimination Rattan Tournament (9 combatants) … Read more

Tourney of Love, A.S. 50

Tourney of Love February 13, 2016 (A.S. L) Barony of Endewearde Rattan Marshal in Charge: Sir Hrafn Bonesetter 2-bucket Round Robin Tournament (15 combatants) Overall Winner: Syr Cedric of Thanet (Prize: targe) Rapier Marshal in Charge: Radbod Modified Bear Pit Tournament (13 combatants) Overall Winner: Olexander (Prize: beer and chocolate)

Bhakail Baronial Championships, A.S. 49

Bhakail Baronial Championship August 23, 2014 (A.S. XLIX) Barony of Bhakail Rattan Championship Marshal in Charge: Lord Sterling de la Rosa Round Robin Tournament (11 combatants) Overall Winner: Lord Talan Gwyllt (Baronial Champion) Other Winner: Lord Fearghus O’Connor (Ladies’ Champion) Rapier Championship Marshal in Charge: Lord Berric Grayveson Round Robin Tournament (9 combatants) Overall Winner: Lord Griffith Davion (Prize: Ceramic … Read more

Hunter’s Moon, A.S. 49

Hunter’s Moon August 29 – September 1, 2014 (A.S. XLIX) Shire of Anglespur Brawl in the Biergarten Marshal in Charge: Pan Mikulaj von Meissen Roman Melee Tournament (8 combatants) Winner: Lord Wolfgang Starcke (Prize: glass mug filled with candy) The tournament is a Roman melee where the combatants start seated at a table, and secondary weapons start on … Read more

Lakewood Renaissance Fair Demo, A.S. 49

Lakewood Renaissance Fair Demo September 20-21, 2014 (A.S. XLIX) Barony of Carillion Marshal in Charge: Lord Corcoran mac Diarmata Saturday Single Elimination Rose Tournament (10 combatants) Overall Winner: Tsufka Sunday Single Elimination Rose Tournament (6 combatants) Overall Winner: Klaus On September 20 and 21, AS XLIX, the Barony of Carillion did send representatives to the Lakewood Renaissance Fair to display the prowess of their … Read more

Carillion Baronial Championships, A.S. 49

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins October 31-November 2, 2014 (A.S. XLIX) Barony of Carillion Rapier: Marshal in Charge: Don Pascual de la Mar Double Elimination Tournament with 4 combatants Winner: Kara (Baronial Rapier Champion) Rattan: Marshal in Charge: Lord Corcoran mac Diarmaid Double Elimination Tournament with 6 combatants Winner: Gunnar Alfson (Baronial Rattan Champion)  

Northern Region Rapier Championship, A.S. 49

Northern Region Rapier Academy and Championship November 8, 2014 (A.S. XLIX) Riding of Giggleswick, Province of Malagentia Marshal in Charge: Lord Lucien de Wynter Tournament (25 combatants) Overall Winner: Don Ogedei Other Prizes: Don Jordan Harvey (Northern Region Fencing Champion) On November 8, A.S. XLIX, 25 combatants gathered to test the new skills they had learned at … Read more