Welcome to the official website of the Office of the East Kingdom Minister of the Lists.

We have worked hard to make sure that this website is full of information that is useful for Ministers of the Lists at all levels as well as the martial community at large.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the East Kingdom Minister of the Lists.

One great way for MoLs to stay connected is to join the Minister of the Lists Google Group.

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NEW: Apply for or renew your Armored Combat or Fencing Authorization Online!

Please note: You will be required to upload a LEGIBLE scan or photograph of your signed authorization form to use this online authorization application.

Click here to apply for or renew your ARMORED COMBAT authorization online.
Click here to apply for or renew your FENCING authorization online.


Just to make it easy, here are some of our most requested resources:

MoL Handbook

Request for Replacement Authorization Card (not for Renewal)

Armored Combat Authorization Form

Fencing Authorization Form

Event Report Form


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