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Do I get a new authorization card with new weapon forms?

When you authorize in a new weapon form, the authorizing marshals note it on the back of your current card (and, of course, send in the additional forms authorization). This is your proof of authorization in this form.

New authorization cards are not issued unless they are within a few months of the expiration date, or unless you request a replacement card.

I’ve just been selected as MoL for my local group. Now what?

First of all, welcome o the Ministry of Lists and thank you for being willing to serve your local group!

The process to get you added to the rolls of warranted List Ministers and to get you access to the lists of authorized fighters is as follows:

  1. Your local Seneschal should email the Kingdom MoL informing them of your selection as the Minister of Lists for your local group.
  2. You should read and familiarize yourself with the MoL Handbook
  3. You should then fill out the MoL Annual Report and Warranting Form (remember this form – you will need to fill it out annually to maintain your warrant)
  4. You should request access to the Yahoo! group LISTS-LIST (look for the purple +Join List button)

You will know that you have been warranted as a Minister of Lists when you are granted access to the Yahoo! group.

I have lost my Auth card. How do I get a new one?

Simply download and fill out the Request for Replacement Authorization card form. You don’t need anyone’s signature but your own. Then mail it to the address on the form.
It asks for your Auth Card number. If you don’t know yours, your local MoL can help you look it up.

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