MOL News and Pennsic Deadline


  1. There is a newly updated Minister of Lists website to be found at You will find updated forms and MoL news. Please use this website to your advantage.
  2. All MoL’s are required to file an event report with this office after every event. You may use the event report form found on the MoL website or you may use the internal submission form also found on the new website of the Minister of Lists.
  3. Authorization paperwork:
    1. All paperwork that is submitted must be the original. Scans and copies are not acceptable substitutes.
    2. All new and additional authorizations require 2 signatures, no matter what the rank of the signing marshal is.
    3. Please read the name and address section of the authorization form for legibility. If you can’t read it, neither can I and Samuel Thomson will receive a card that reads “Soned Tramur”.
  4. Paperwork received by June 12th will be processed and mailed in time for Pennsic.

Thank you to all of you for doing a great job of keeping the combatants safe and the East Kingdom fighting!

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