Hunter’s Moon, A.S. 49

Hunter’s Moon
August 29 – September 1, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Shire of Anglespur

Brawl in the Biergarten
Marshal in Charge: Pan Mikulaj von Meissen
Roman Melee Tournament (8 combatants)
Winner: Lord Wolfgang Starcke (Prize: glass mug filled with candy)
The tournament is a Roman melee where the combatants start seated at a table, and secondary weapons start on the table. Secondary weapons will be of a variety that would have been available at a biergarte, i.e. dagger, goblet, tankard, cloak. Case and buckler will not be permitted. Two melees will be run with the last ones standing facing off in the final. If there is a double kill in the final, it will be refought once.

Survivor’s Tourney
Marshal in Charge: Pan Mikulaj von Meissen
Wounds Retained Single Elimination Tournament (8 combatants)
Winner: Baron Therion Sean Storie (Prize: glass mug filled with candy)
The tournament is a single elimination wounds retained tournament. Dead is dead. Double kills will remove both combatants from the tournament. This includes the finals.

Goufee Parry Tourney
Marshal in Charge: Pan Mikulaj von Meissen
Round Robin Tournament (5 combatants)
Winner: Robert of Anglespur (Prize: brass arm ring)
Other Awards given: Edwen of Anglespur (Prize: goufee buckler for goofiest parry)
The long and noble tradition for Anglespur’s “Goufee” continues! Tournament format to be determined by turnout, default Round Robin. All fighters shall fight with a rigid or non-rigid parry constructed as per the East Kingdom Rapier Rules (rigid parries may not have any rough or sharp edges and may not entrap opponents or their equipment, non-rigid parries may not be weighted with rigid materials). During the tournament, a vote shall be held among all the participants and spectators to determine who has the best parry item. There shall be two winners of the tournament – whomever wins the tournament by martial prowess, and whomever is voted to have the best parry item. Although no parry item shall be disallowed because it is deemed to be too serious, all participants are encouraged to be as creative as the rules allow (which is, admittedly, pretty creative). Period appearance is not a factor in this tournament – let your imagination run wild. Tokens may be awarded to other goofy parry items at the judge’s and/or spectators’ discretion.

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