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Bergental Baronial Championship, A.S. 49

Bergental Baronial Championship
October 18, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Barony of Bergental
Marshals in Charge: Thorvald Sigurdsson and Lord Gryffyn Dunham
Double Round Robin Tournament (4 combatants)
Overall Winner: Lord Sigurdr Berserker (Baronial Champion)
Other Prizes: Lord Akamatsu Katsumoto (Baronial Standard Bearer)


Bergental Baronial Champions: Rattan and Fencing, A.S. 50

Bergental Baronial Championships
December 5, 2015 (A.S. L)
Barony of Bergental

Rattan Tournament
Marshal in Charge: Lord Sigurdr Berserker
Double Round Robin Tournament (4 combatants)
Overall Winner: Harkin Mactiernan (Baronial Rattan Champion)

It was run with 2 round robins, first set being Sword/Shield or Two Weapon. All combatants chose Sword and Shield. Good clean and friendly fights were had. Harkin was the winner! 2nd set was Great weapons or Pole. Variety of choices were made for weapons. Talan got slightly injured to his hand during one of his bouts. It was taken care of quickly and he sought medical attention. Harkin was the winner for the 2nd set! So overall winner for the heavy championship became Harkin! The standard bearer was determined by the Excellencies Bergental to be Ian.

Rapier Tournament
Marshal in Charge: Liadin
Round Robin Tournament (5 combatants)
Overall Winner: Urraka (Baronial Rapier Champion)

Tournament was run with 1 round robin. Good clean and friendly fights were had. At the end of the bouts, Urraka and Eris were tied for number of wins. A tie-breaker fight was fought, declaring Urraka the winner! The first fencer champion in the barony since a long while!

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