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Great Northeastern War XXVIII, A.S. 49

Great Northeastern War
July 10-13, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Province of Malagentia
Marshal in Charge: Fionn Mac Con Dhuibh
Pas d’Armes (17 combatants)
Overall Winner: None

Northern Region Rapier Championship, A.S. 49

Northern Region Rapier Academy and Championship
November 8, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Riding of Giggleswick, Province of Malagentia
Marshal in Charge: Lord Lucien de Wynter
Tournament (25 combatants)
Overall Winner: Don Ogedei
Other Prizes: Don Jordan Harvey (Northern Region Fencing Champion)

On November 8, A.S. XLIX, 25 combatants gathered to test the new skills they had learned at the Northern Region Rapier Academy. Ogedei bested the field and was proclaimed winner. Jordan Harvey, having achieved better standing than all other competitors from the Northern Region, was proclaimed the Champion, to bear the regalia and defend their honor before the rest of the Kingdom and the Known World.

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