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Tir Mara Rapier Championships, A.S. 48

Tir Mara Rapier Championship
June 15, 2013 (A.S. XLVIII)
Shire of Lyndhaven
Marshal in Charge: Lord Guthfrith Yrlinsson
Round Robin Tournament (10 combatants)
Overall Winner: Rowan Fergus (Prince’s Champion)
Other Winner: Jonathan Rankin O’Rose (Princess’ Champion)

Ten fencers gathered in the moonless light of the New Moon Carnival to determine who would stand as Champions for the Coronet of Tir Mara. Lord Barnabus O’Pheylan, Lord Jonathan Rankin O’Rose, and Lord Rowan Fergus each defeated all other combatants but no clear winner emerged from the Round Robin. A subsequent round was fought with Rowan Fergus maintaining the highest degree of skill and he rose as Champion for Prince Kenric. Upon consultation with the Order of the Rose and other gentles of Courtesy, the favor and regalia of Princess Avelina were bestowed upon Jonathan Rankin O’Rose, who stood as her Champion thereafter.

Impromptu Fighting Championship du Dragon Dormant, A.S. 49

Baronial Championship
December 15, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
la Baronnie de l’Île du Dragon Dormant
Marshal in Charge: Pellandres Dit le Frere
Round Robin Tournament (6 combatants)
Overall Winner: Peter de Bracebridge (Baronial Champion)

On the 15th of December, 2014, His Excellency Pellondres, Baron du Dragon Dormant, did look about him at the weekly fight practice and see several competitors worthy of his name. Six took up arms of rattan and fought a round robin to determine the victor. In the end, Peter de Bracebridge did win the Baron’s patronage and the right to fight in the name of his Barony.

Feste des Glaces: Baronial Champions A.S. 49

Havre des Glaces Baronial Championship
December 6, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
la Baronnie du Havre des Glaces
Round Robin Tournament (6 combatants)
Overall Winner: Mohammad Sevim Oglu Gowan Oglu (Baronial Champion)

Six combatants met on the field of ice to compete for the privilege of bearing the Baronial Championship regalia. After meeting all others in a Round Robin, and defeating his opponent in a best-of-5 final round, Mohammad Sevim Oglu Gowan Oglu won the day.

Bergental Baronial Champions: Rattan and Fencing, A.S. 50

Bergental Baronial Championships
December 5, 2015 (A.S. L)
Barony of Bergental

Rattan Tournament
Marshal in Charge: Lord Sigurdr Berserker
Double Round Robin Tournament (4 combatants)
Overall Winner: Harkin Mactiernan (Baronial Rattan Champion)

It was run with 2 round robins, first set being Sword/Shield or Two Weapon. All combatants chose Sword and Shield. Good clean and friendly fights were had. Harkin was the winner! 2nd set was Great weapons or Pole. Variety of choices were made for weapons. Talan got slightly injured to his hand during one of his bouts. It was taken care of quickly and he sought medical attention. Harkin was the winner for the 2nd set! So overall winner for the heavy championship became Harkin! The standard bearer was determined by the Excellencies Bergental to be Ian.

Rapier Tournament
Marshal in Charge: Liadin
Round Robin Tournament (5 combatants)
Overall Winner: Urraka (Baronial Rapier Champion)

Tournament was run with 1 round robin. Good clean and friendly fights were had. At the end of the bouts, Urraka and Eris were tied for number of wins. A tie-breaker fight was fought, declaring Urraka the winner! The first fencer champion in the barony since a long while!

King’s and Queen’s Rattan Championship AS47

King and Queens Rattan Championship~ Shire of Rusted Woodlands
May 4th, 2013
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Spring Crown Tournament AS 47

Spring Crown Tournament~ Crown Province of Ostgardr
April 27th, 2013

The following warriors entered the lists on a gorgeous spring day to compete for the honor of becoming Prince of the East Kingdom and crowning their consort as Princess.

There were 4 round robin lists to start the day. The top 4 combatants (*starred*) were taken from each pool to compete in a double elimination tournament.

List 1
*Tribune Omega Aurelius Serpentius
*Earl Kenric aet Essex
*Pan (Sir) Jan Janowicz Bodanski
Syr Culann mac Cianain
*Baron Ivan Ivanov syn Dimitriov vynuk Tzardikov
Baron Jozef Ludwiczak of Lochleven
Lord Sterling De La Rosa
Lord Kennimathor of Lochleven
Lord Gryffyn Dunham
Lord Tiberius Nautius

List 2
*Duke Gaufred Kelson von Heidelberg
*Syr Cedric of Thanet
Master Julien de LaPointe
*Syr Marcus Blackaert
Baron Joseph Harcourt
*Baron Matthew Moraveous Avdenmork
Herr Heinrich Brauer
Lord Turi MacKinnon
Lord Stefan Joseph
Lady Gunvar Hausakljufr

List 3
*Duke Konrad Der Lowe Von Ulm
Mistress Moira Fionnbhar of Argyll
*Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke
Thane Aethelhafoc Caegfindan
THL Avaldr Valbjarnarson
THL Tiberiv Ivlivs Rvfvs
*Don Luis de Castilla
*Lord Ionness Aurelius Serpentius
Lord Vladimir Bathory
Lord Hartmann Foscari da Ferrara

List 4
*Jarl (Count) Valgard Stonecleaver
*Sir Thomas of Ravenhill
*Sir Sichelgaita von Halstern
*Brennan mac Fearghus
Baron Jibril al-Dakhil
Lord William MacCrimmon
Ivan Valfrekr
Lord Rory MacLellan
Lord Gawyn O’Clery
Ivarr Rambison (Ibar Ramson)

The initial pairings for the double elimination tournament were:
Ivan vs. Kelson
Brennan vs. Marcus
Valgard vs. Ionness
Konrad vs. Sichelgaith
Matthew vs. Jan
Kenric vs. Cedric
Luis vs. Omega
Wilhelm vs Thomas

The Semi-Finals were:
Ionness vs. Kenric
Thomas vs. Omega

The Finals were Kenric vs. Thomas

The winner of the Spring Crown Tournament and the new Prince of the East Kingdom is Earl Kenric aet Essex!

Yours in Service to Their Royal Majesties and the East Kingdom,
Lady Sabina Luttrell
East Kingdom Minister of Lists

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